Technical debt executive coaching

Last updated on July 3rd, 2021 at 12:34 pm

In the professional context, coaches are guides. A coach has experience and expertise in a specific area that’s of interest to the client. In the context of executive coaching, the client is an executive or anyone else playing a critical role in the organization. As it’s most widely practiced, executive coaching focuses on client performance, professional growth, and personal change. Technical debt executive coaching is different.

Technical debt executive coaching is narrowly focused on client performance relative to technical debt management. The client either has responsibility for organizational policy vis-à-vis technical debt, or seeks to gain expertise sufficient to become a valued leader in forming organizational policy related to technical debt. The client is already a recognized expert in his or her domain of responsibility. But that domain hasn’t included issues related to technical debt—until now.

Rick Brenner
Rick Brenner

What I can provide as your technical debt executive coach is a combination of guidance and focused consulting. We collaborate to assess the technical debt situation of your organization. And I guide you as you become a more sophisticated practitioner of technical debt policy formulation.

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