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Technical Debt Services

The information in this blog is just one of the services I provide. In addition, on this page are links to keynotes, presentations, workshops, consulting services and coaching, all focused on technical debt management.

Here’s a roadmap for these services:

The technical debt body of knowledge: blogs are not enough

To gain or maintain currency with the technical debt body of knowledge we can read the scientific literature, or blogs, or articles. Reading is useful and effective. But reading has several shortcomings as a means of acquiring the knowledge you need at the time you need it.

  • What the author wrote might not fit your need at the time you read it
  • Reading requires focused discipline and uninterrupted time—two requirements that can be difficult to satisfy
  • Reading might not be your preferred way to learn
  • Unless you belong to a reading club, reading provides little opportunity for readers of the same work to interact to exchange ideas about what they’ve all read
  • For organizations, it’s challenging to get everyone in the organization to read the same material in the same timeframe

These aren’t reasons not to read. They’re reasons to read, but they’re reasons also to avail yourself of other services, like those you find if you follow the links above on this page.